sabato 17 aprile 2021

Everything will be fine…

SARA: For me, the pandemic meant many long days with nothing to do and all ‘normal’ activities suspended. Even school was disrupted. This made me feel bored, lonely and sometimes depressed. Living without my friends has been terrible for me. I forgot about my well-being during this time. It’s tempting when we have no fixed schedule to just go with the flow. Maybe wake up, go online for a while and then go back to sleep for hours – or watch Netflix and eat unhealthy snacks all day. Lazy days are fun, but too many can lead to a bad diet, no exercise and poor well-being. We should avoid this, but it is very hard, so the only thing I really hope now it’s that we’ll go back to our normal life very soon.

EMANUELE: During this period of pandemic I have felt different emotions, like for example anger, sadness and in some moments also happiness. Personally, in this period, I have understood the true importance and the true values of family and friendship. It has been a difficult year, we have experienced new things such as the remote learning,  but I am sure that soon  we will make it through the night and we’ll be stronger than ever.

FRANCESCO: I think the pandemic has somewhat ruined all the plans we had made for this year. I also think that the school program has been greatly reduced and that we have missed our freedom and safety, but the feelings of friendship have been greatly strengthened, as we have been in touch all the time through video calls and various meetings. In addition to friendship, the sense of family has been strengthened, as we have been in contact with our families a lot.

ALESSIA: During this pandemic I think everyone has changed a bit, I have had many different feelings like  sadness, loneliness, but also happiness sometimes. We found ourselves facing something bigger than us and that we had never experienced before, but little by little we got used to it .I have learned the true values of life: being with our family, friendship….I have even learned how to make some desserts, pizza, bread ...We have missed many things, friends, grandparents, going out, car rides, and …. even school! The worst thing was that I couldn't see my friends for a long time, but despite this we kept each other company through video calls. Although a year has passed, we are still here, closed in our houses,  but I’m sure that soon we’ll get our normal lives back.


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